ARRI Introduces AMIRA Live Camera

(Image credit: ARRI)

MUNICH—ARRI has unveiled a spinoff of its AMIRA camera, the AMIRA Live, which is designed for use on multicamera live broadcasts.

The AMIRA Live camera eliminates external cabling between the camera body and the fiber adapter that was previously required on the AMIRA camera. This makes AMIRA Live more similar to system cameras typically used for multicamera broadcasts, according to ARRI.

One area where the AMIRA Live differs from those system cameras, ARRI points out, is that it uses ARRI’s ALEV III Super 35 sensor, which is used in all ALEXA cameras, to broadcast high-quality images.

AMIRA Live is being released concurrently with a SUP 6.1 software update. The new software is said to improve noise reduction, increase sharpness settings range, have better defect pixel correction and a faster boot-up. It also adds a green tally display to the viewfinder image and allows intercom talkback via the VTR or user button. SUP 6.1 also requires no additional device when using cforce RF motors to control the iris with the Remote Control Panel.

ARRI has also provided the AMIRA Live with its VMM-1 monitor. The 10-inch onboard monitor connects directly to the camera viewfinder interface or can be daisy-chained with the Camera Control Panel CCP-1. It includes controls for contrast, color, backlight and peaking; a physical on/off switch for the frontside tally; and two camera user buttons. ARRI’s Monitor Yoke Support MYS-1 bracket is also provided.

AMIRA Live, which is part of the ARRI Multicam system, is now available for order. For more information, visit (opens in new tab).