Anton/Bauer Batteries Energize Field Shoots

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - As a specialist in documentary and film-style video production since 1983, I’ve seen a lot of changes in our industry. One of the most exciting developments for me has occurred during the last two years. I’ve been producing camcorder training videos for Vortex Media and freelancing on a range of documentary and television projects, all while operating completely on battery power. I haven’t had to plug in for a while now, which has allowed me to work faster and more efficiently.


Digital cinematography dominates today’s production landscape, and the cameras used for this require constant power. If you lose power, you’re at risk of losing precious footage or missing important shots, and as a professional, that’s a situation I cannot afford. To be completely mobile, I need reliable, cost-effective batteries, and Anton/Bauer is my go-to brand for the gold standard in power.

When Anton/Bauer began shipping their new V-Mount Digital Batteries recently, I was quick to integrate them into my equipment package. With the new V-Mount option, I can power all my equipment—camera, lights, monitors, even audio—with these new batteries which were specifically designed for digital production applications.

With an Anton/Bauer Digital Battery, I’m assured of maintaining power that will last throughout my shoot. I a recent training video I worked on, I relied on the fuel gauge of the Digital Battery to let me know how long I could shoot. It displays the amount of power remaining in hours and minutes, based on the demands of the equipment it’s attached to. I find this feature is especially helpful when I’m powering my LED lights. The lights are dimmable, so power consumption varies depending on the brightness level, and it’s imperative I have an accurate readout. The Digital Battery display also changes automatically to show the remaining run-time as a percentage of full there’s no load placed on the battery. I’m not aware of any other battery on the market that does this, and it’s really quite useful in my work.


Another advantage with the Anton/Bauer Digital Batteries, whether I’m working in house on a corporate video or on location for an assignment, is having a P-tap outlet for powering accessories located right there on the battery. I can power all my camera accessories with just the one battery. I can also power my ENG lighting instruments directly from the batteries too, and that’s an invaluable aid for me in saving time and money.

As a director of photography, I want the creative flexibility to work the way I want to. When a tool comes around that supports my workflow with minimal investment, I’m all for it. With the introduction of Anton/Bauer’s Digital Batteries, I have the peace of mind I need to operate the way I want. I work confidently knowing that a power failure isn’t in the cards for me, and guesswork is now a thing of the past.

Doug Jensen is a cinematographer with more than 35 years of experience in television and video production. He may be contacted at

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