American Public Television Remote Production Supported by axle ai

(Image credit: axle ai)

BOSTON—American Public Television’s transition to working remotely because of the coronavirus was made a bit easier because of a previous decision to incorporate axle ai software into its workflow.

APT is a nonprofit organization that finds, curates, licenses and distributes content to public TV stations. They feature a catalog of hundreds of series and single event programs that until a few years ago was kept on physical media tapes and hard drives. Then they implemented axle ai to create a browser-based, shared media workflow.

“axle ai, as well as some of the other key network technologies we’ve implemented, like VPN and cloud storage, were the difference between being disconnected totally from our business due to COVID-19 and being able to operate at nearly regular capacity,” said Gerry Field, APT vice president of technology.

The axle ai software is designed to use industry standards and storage to simplify networked video workflows. This has enabled easy ingest content that comes in as files, or, if they come in as tapes, can be ingested and create a proxy for screening. According to Field, this extended APT’s access to content at the desktop regardless of location. Field also touted axle ai’s ability to be customized to fit their specific needs.

APT is moving to a new public TV member station interconnection system and has integrated axle with APT back-end business systems to link licensing and media access rights information. This allows for material to come into the APT’s cloud, sync it to local storage and make proxy copies.

In addition to full-length programs, APT is utilizing axle for promos, sizzle reels, clips and other promotional material.

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