Amazing Facts Relies on JVC for Monitoring, Master Control

JVC DT-U31Pro Amazing Facts
The DT-U31Pro monitors have been helped with color correction, synchronizing with 4K and troubleshoot SDI signals. (Image credit: JVC)

GRANITE BAY, Calif.—Amazing Facts Christian Media Ministry has produced religious content for national television networks for more than 50 years. We also have our own streaming platforms, print/digital media and satellite channel, as well as an international presence. In addition to our regular weekly worship services, we produce a variety of content, such as our flagship “Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor,” which airs on multiple networks and satellite channels, including Lifetime and Discovery. We also host “Bible Answers Live”—a weekly streaming and radio call-in show, produce historical and religious documentaries and other smaller shows.

We recently built a state-of-the-art 4K-capable studio complete with control and video engineer rooms, which include 4K broadcast monitors for referencing, color correction and color grading. When we installed our new infrastructure, we selected the JVC Professional Video DT-U31Pro, a 4K-capable, HDR, multi-use interface studio monitor. We also use the monitors in a master control setting, with signal feeds from all our locations during a live transmission, as well as for troubleshooting SDI signals from the other stations to ensure conformity.


We looked at models from different manufacturers but there were a few things that stood out to us about JVC, which offered a very appealing price and just as important, an attractive feature set. We wanted to have a built-in waveform, monitor, vector and histogram, along with built-in audio, which would give us more reference for broadcast signals and monitoring abilities.

The monitors also have built-in HDR capability and a single-link 12G-SDI connector, which is perfect for our new facility as it is built on a 12G-SDI coax infrastructure. It is difficult to find monitors that can receive a native IP video signal without needing a conversion to a standard SDI coax interface, but JVC has that ability. This will enable us to follow the transition of coax to IP, making JVC a future-proofed solution.


When we first acquired the monitors, we used them to color correct and synchronize our 4K cameras to our desired standard. They also helped us troubleshoot SDI signals by providing us different aspects of the SDI signal, like the exemplary data streams captions, multiple audio channels and other more detailed SDI components.

Since deploying the monitors, we discovered additional features that enhance our workflow, such as tally display, focus assist and timecode reading. We also found that they’re quite user-friendly; the menus are very straightforward; and the buttons are self-described and useful. Additionally, all the connectors are on the side and easily accessible, which is perfect for the wall-mounted application of our monitors. We have volunteer operators, so we need technology that’s not cumbersome and overly technical. The JVC monitors provide an ease of use not only for very technical individuals but also our volunteers.

Goce Shamakoski has been with Amazing Facts for more than 15 years, having first started with the production/post-production team and gradually transitioning to the broadcast sector. Shamakoski has also worked with various other TV networks, local cable channels and over-the-air transmitters, providing technical support and studio build services focused on modern IP infrastructure. He can be contacted at

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