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Agilent Technologies announces express configurations for signal analyzers, generators

Agilent Technologies has introduced express configurations for the CXA/EXA signal analyzers and MXG signal generators. Express configuration products provide fast, off-the-shelf delivery of the most popular test and measurement configurations. This service ensures that test equipment is shipped as fast as possible to customers’ research and development and manufacturing lines, ready for immediate use.

Express configuration solutions are preconfigured, functionally identical versions of Agilent’s custom-configurable products. They offer the same specifications, upgradeability and remote instrument identification over SCPI as their custom counterparts. Express configurations offer value pricing for the most commonly ordered features. All instrument options are license-key enabled, ensuring even greater usability and ease of delivery.

Agilent’s MXG RF analog signal generator express configuration (100kHz to 1GHz, 3GHz or 6GHz) is optimized for component design and production verification. It features scalable RF performance, high reliability, easy self maintenance and high power in 2RU to maximize uptime and save rack space.

Agilent’s MXG MW analog signal generator express configuration (100kHz to 20GHz) is optimized for broadband component manufacturing. Its small size (2RU) uses less rack space. Excellent power and level accuracy make the MXG MW express configuration a reliable stimulus for driving high-power devices.

Agilent’s CXA signal analyzer express configuration (9kHz to 3GHz or 7.5GHz) features standards-based, one-button measurements such as channel power, OBW and ACP.

Agilent’s EXA signal analyzer express configuration (9kHz to 3.6GHz, 7GHz, 13.6GHz or 26.5GHz) provides engineers with the fastest means of maximizing throughput on the production line and reducing overall testing costs.