Adobe Adds Features to After Effects 5.5 With New Plug-In Power Pack

Adobe Systems Inc. has released a new Plug-In Power Pack for Adobe After Effects 5.5, a tool for motion graphics and visual effects. The Power Pack incorporates 16 new effects to help video professionals expand creative control and enhance productivity. It also introduces Advanced Windows Media support.

The Power Pack works with After Effects 5.5 software to produce motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, multimedia and the Web. A new Windows Media output module has a set of controls for the efficient creation of Windows Media streaming video content. Users can customize settings, embed metadata, create multistream movies and independently optimize audio and video.

The Power Pack supports the Mac OS X platform and includes new additions such as the Calculations plug-in, 3D Glasses, Magnify and Turbulent Displacement. The 3D Glasses combine left and right 3D views for stereoscopic viewing. The plug-in also has several creativity enhancements, including new ways to handle color, noise and shadows.