Telemetrics to present TG4 TeleGlide camera track system

At IBC, Telemerics will present its TG4 TeleGlide camera track system. The fourth-generation track design incorporates the the best of the TG2 system and the best of the TG3 system.

Its biggest advances are stability and motion smoothness. It also is quiet and can handle loads up to 250lb. In addition, it is completely configurable for custom track designs like "L," "S" or "O" shaped track designs.

The system also features specialized wheel-material to prevent bumps and shake in motion, as well as an advanced design in size and position to minimize bumps between sections of track. The drive wheel is made of composite material with little wear characteristics and designed for smooth drive. A dual-loop-servo system with positive coupled positioning system ensures that position is never lost and that accuracy is near perfect. A second velocity/positioned sensor on the back of the motor is for high-accuracy-velocity control.

Also, at the show, Telemetrics will feature its EP6 Televator elevating pedestal, which works as a push (floor) or pull (ceiling) configuration.

For more information, visit Telemetrics at IBC Stand 11.E37.