Belkin ships Dyle mobile TV receiver for iPhone and iPad

This is a big win for mobile TV consortium Dyle and mobile device accessory manufacturer Belkin (opens in new tab), this week coming out of the gates with a new mobile TV solution for Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Depending on your area, you can watch unlimited free TV for as long as you want, right on your mobile device. Covering local broadcasts with news, entertainment and sports, the new receiver requires no mobile cell plan (3G, 4G or LTE) and does not require any Wi-fi. Any drawbacks? Just one.

The only catch is that the Belkin Dyle Mobile TV unit only works on the Phone 4/4s, iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Generation, meaning it is only compatible with the older-style 30-pin connector. This seems to be a common theme around new Dyle products and Apple units, oddly not supporting the newer Lightning connector. One reason could be that these products have been in development for a while and started testing with the 30-pin connector. But in reality, the iPhone 5 has been out since last year, and there is now talk of an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 on the horizon for this summer or (more likely) this coming Fall. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is starting up on June 10th, and while there will no doubt be news on iOS 7 (and Mac OS X), there is a slim chance some new iPhone news may fall into the mix. 

With the new device you can pick up ATSC-M/H standard broadcasts in 37 markets around the country. The TV tuner has a pass-through micro USB port that lets you still power and charge the device while watching live TV. A neoprene carrying case is also included for easy traveling. You can order the Dyle unit direct from Belkin’s Website, or it can be pre-ordered through Amazon, where it is expected to ship at the end of the month. 

Although the dongle-like device and large extending antenna are not exactly compact, and the 30-pin connector is a slight letdown for those with newer units, the fact that Belkin is supporting the Dyle initiative is hugely positive. One of the largest makers of accessories for mobile devices, these TV units could easily slide into shelf space in places like the Apple Store and Best Buy, providing the awareness that Dyle really needs at this stage in the game. 

The Dyle Mobile TV receiver is $129.99 and begins shipping this week.