Ask The Experts: Correct way to lower audio feedback?

In this edition of "Ask The Experts", in fresh from a conversation over at the Broadcast Engineering LinkedIn group (opens in new tab)Denis posed the following question:

If a presenter is hearing his voice with delay (from director's Riedel panel — key is "on" all of the time), what is the right way to make this delay low? In case if feedback "director - presenter" is always "on"

The following conversation ensued, in the order that the comments appear below.

From group member Tudor: "Director needs to be on a headset to reduce the return feed into the presenter talkback, or lower the director's program sound, if an open desk talkback mic has to be used."

From group member Hans: "The presenter should not be hearing his own voice on the ifb. It should be everything but..."

From group member Mario: "Yes, but some presenters are used to having their mic in their return. However, their IFBs are FULL interrupt. We instructed directors to always use headsets. This avoids the presenter from hearing his delayed voice through the control room speakers when the director talks to him in the IFB."

So then...

That's where the conversation remains currently, and I bring this to you, Experts, as I'm sure some of you have a few thoughts regarding Denis' proposed scenario.

As always, please leave your comments below, or absolutely feel welcome to join this conversation and others in "real-time" over at the LinkedIn group's page.