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Vinten Radamec unveils CP4 entry-level robotics solution

Vinten Radamec unveiled the new CP4, an entry-level robotics control solution, at IBC2012.

The CP4 is specifically designed for use with small, robotic heads. It provides a cost-effective solution for a variety of applications, ranging from regional news studios and conference centers, to houses of worship and legislatures.

Using flexible Ethernet network architecture, the CP4 has a Windows-based touchscreen user interface that can be configured to control up to four heads and store up to 40 pre-set shots. The desktop solution is easy to upgrade to include a user-configurable option, with the capability of controlling up to eight heads and 200 pre-set shots.

The CP4 supports the Intelligent Control Engineering (ICE) protocol that is incorporated into the recently released series of Vinten Radamec next generation heads.