Fraunhofer showcases HE-AAC multi-channel in live TV broadcast chain

Fraunhofer IIS showed a complete real-time DVB-T2 live broadcasting chain with the MPEG audio codec HE-AAC for 5.1 surround audio signal transmission at IBC2012.

HE-AAC is established in TV and radio broadcasting because of its efficiency, high-quality audio and convenient availability in major broadcasting devices from professional audio encoders to TV sets and set-top boxes.

The broadcasting chain consists of all necessary elements to bring high-quality, multichannel content to the end user’s TV set over DVB-T2 terrestrial TV, including encoder, multiplexer, and modulator on the transmission side, as well as set-top box, and TV set on the reception side.

HE-AAC is the most efficient audio codec available for TV broadcasting today. With a bit-rate of only 160kb/s for high-quality 5.1 surround sound and freedom of choice of the channel configuration from mono to stereo to 5.1 surround, up to 48 channels, HE-AAC is unmatched in efficiency, flexibility and quality.