Grass Valley launches LDX Series of cameras

Grass Valley launched the LDX Series of cameras, consisting of the LDX Première, LDX Elite, and LDX WorldCam, at IBC2012.

The LDX Series cameras are three CMOS imager-based, using the company’s new third-generation Xensium-FT CMOS imagers. The LDX Series delivers 1080p50/60 performance, full compatibility with Grass Valley's line of 3G transmission solutions and 1080p/1080i/720p images.

The cameras offer an ergonomic design with time saving features, such as improved color management and automated controls, allowing operators to concentrate on creativity. The new LDX Series is designed with the ComfortPad ergonomic shoulder-pad, which has been developed in close cooperation with physiotherapists and camera operators worldwide. The shoulder pad reduces the need for handheld camera operators to lift their shoulders to level shots, thus reducing muscle tension.

The LDX Series ArtTouch feature enhances the creative possibilities of the camera within live broadcast productions. ArtTouch provides users with a new level of automated image processing, to achieve optimum camera performance.

Control integration is improved with a PickMe button, which enables cameramen to attract the director’s attention; an Endless Returns feature that lets users choose their own return channel via a Grass Valley routing switcher; the Scene Directfunction, which allows the recall of camera scene-files directly from a Grass Valley switcher; full remote control over all camera functions via any IP-link using Connect Gateway; and DigiTallyall-digital remote Tally protocol over IP. The LDX Series of cameras are now available.