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Emotion Systems Adds New MXF Functionality and Multi-Language UI Support to eFF Audio Media Analysis Tool

Broadcast Asia 2012, Stand 4E2-12/A: Digital workflow experts Emotion Systems has announced the addition of MXF (Material eXchange Format) functionality to “eFF” (Emotion File Finish), Emotion Systems’ software application that automatically analyses and fixes audio loudness violations in file-based media.

In addition to the addition of MXF support in the new software release, Emotion Systems has also announced multiple language UI support making eFF even more compelling to its worldwide customers.

According to Emotion Systems CEO MC Patel, “MXF is established as a key component for transporting file-based media between differing equipment and software. We have developed eFF to perform measurement and correction without breaking the MXF container structure. Our approach only analyses and repairs the elements that it needs to, without damaging the structure of whatever variation of MXF the customer is using. The addition of multi-language support goes hand in hand with our core philosophy of providing useful software utilities that are as easy to use as possible – deskilling processes that would be far more complex using alternatively available solutions.”

eFF automatically resolves audio loudness errors in file-based media to ensure compliance with the latest international standards. To ensure that users make the right decisions, eFF efficiently analyses file-based media by utilising accurate modelling of VU and PPM meters, and loudness detection parameters (ATSC A/85, EBU R128 and ITU-R BS.1770). In addition, the fact that eFF operates in faster than real time and provides operators with a graphical display that enables them to quickly assess any audio issues.

Applications for eFF include MCRs as well as non-linear video editing and on-line finishing suites. In short, any broadcaster or post production facility can implement eFF as the perfect tool for delivering file-based content media for broadcast delivery.


About Emotion Systems: Emotion Systems develops markets, evangelises great ideas and secures sales of a rapidly growing suite of world-class products from a range of best-of-breed developers to ensure that their technologies offer supreme value.

Company details: Emotion Systems, Red Shute Mill Business Centre, Hermitage, Berkshire, RG18 9QL

Company contact: MC Patel, CEO, Emotion Systems, Tel: +44 788 794 6363, Email:

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