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LiveEdit Delivers Critical Non-Linear Editing Power to Live and Near Live Broadcasting Applications and Compliance Monitoring

LAS VEGAS, NV – SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company, the makers of Gravity Media Asset Management systems for the Broadcast, Government, Education and Corporate markets, will feature the enhanced Gravity LiveEdit real time non-linear editing system at NAB 2010, Booth N808, from April 12 to 15, 2010, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. LiveEdit delivers the power to modify a program’s content, while keeping within pre-existing time schedules for live and near live broadcasting applications.

“The Gravity LiveEdit is a full featured non-linear editing system that gives the broadcaster incredible control over content editing, live commercial insertion right up to air and compliance monitoring,” says Shaun McTernan, vice president of marketing for SSL DV. “LiveEdit lets an operator modify a timeline in many ways including append, insert, overlay, replace, trim, splice, slip, lift, cut, copy and paste functions. The delete feature can either close the resulting gap or leave it open for content insertion. For instance, if LiveEdit was used during any number of famous “costume malfunctions,” the broadcast audience would not have known it happened because a shot of the crowd could have been quickly inserted into the program flow, without losing program continuity. LiveEdit is also perfect for live sports applications and for cross-culture compliance monitoring.”

One of the first adopters of LiveEdit is TMNet, Malaysia’s premier broadband service. The initial 6-channel LiveEdit system will be used for compliance monitoring, allowing for the insertion of local content into international media streams. The LiveEdit implementation joins other features of Gravity including Media Ingest, Channel Logging for Compliance recording, Channel Branding, Electronic Transfer for moving media around external users, Central Storage from Rorke Data and the Voice Over Booth feature.

Gravity LiveEdit is a two part system. Part one is based on the Gravity PPT (Package Production Tool) timeline interface for editing live stream audio and video and creating a dynamic playlist. Part two features the decoder and player logic to play out the content supporting the dynamic playlists. LiveEdit provides the user with fast and simple editing capabilities to manipulate a live stream as it is repurposed and rebroadcast. The audio and video streams can be edited independently to create split audio ‘L’ cuts like any contemporary video editor. Recording streams can be appended, inserted, overlaid and replaced into the timeline at any point just like completed files, as Gravity processes live streams and finished files identically.

LiveEdit Components Include:


•The timeline becomes a window of material flowing past the editor in real time until the user sees something that needs to be changed.

Time Delay

•Time delay can be adjusted by the user. There will typically be many minutes of delay between the incoming feed and the outgoing broadcast to allow the editor to insert, remove and replace sections of the feed.

Real Time Editing

•Audio and video may be edited separately. All editing operations are supported and the editor does not have to watch the entire feed, depending on the nature of the content they are monitoring. LiveEdit also tracks and displays the delta between incoming and outgoing duration so the editor knows if the playout is running longer or shorter than the original feed.

Gravity LiveEdit is one of a number of applications exclusively available for SSL’s Gravity platform, a complete content acquisition, management and distribution solution. Gravity provides all the encoding and transcoding tools required for fast package production, coupled with the capability of generating multiple, simultaneous output formats in different resolutions to cover any broadcasting situation.

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