NAB News: Internap Speeds Delivery of Web and Mobile Content across its CDN with XIP Acceleration

This morning, Internap, a global provider of CDN and cloud services to a wide range of broadcast and media and entertainment companies, including Digital Sports Video, Rhapsody and GamersGate, announced that its Accelerated IP (XIP™) service will be incorporated into its global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to accelerate content delivery all the way to the end user device and across a greater number of network layers than traditional CDNs, resulting in a notable and immediate performance improvement for customers (without having to deploy any additional hardware/software to achieve this speedy delivery). The integration will significantly improve the delivery of video streaming and web content to a wide range of user devices, including mobile phones, tablets and PCs, resulting in 400% faster streaming and downloads.

For more info, click here to see the press release. Also, Internap is showing a demo of its CDN with XIP acceleration for the first time at NAB this week on an iPad; Android tablet and laptop in booth SU9502F1. Stop by and check it out!