Toronto, Ontario, Canada – February 17, 2012… Lawo is pleased to announce the Version 4.16 software release for the mc² series mixing consoles. One highlight of this software update is the doubling of the available DSP channel count. After the v4.16 software installation, the current DSP boards offer 96 channels instead of the 48 channels users have been accustomed to. By upgrading their mc² console with v4.16, customers can even boost the overall DSP performance of their Lawo desk to up to 888 channels.

With this new SW release, Lawo responds to the constantly changing requirements in the broadcast sector, in this case to the call for more advanced DSP performance to offer greater quality to TV viewers. And the best news for Lawo customers: as this is part of v4.16 release, they profit from this improved performance for their Lawo system for free!

Specifically in this release, Lawo developed “Broadcast Channels” that offer a feature set adapted specially for broadcast applications, using a simplified signal flow while maintaining Lawo’s legendary sound quality. Depending on the requirements of the production, sound engineers can select either the 48 “classic” or the 96 “Broadcast Channels” for the DSP boards – switchable on the fly.

The release also supports the new Lawo DALLIS mic card. This card offers very high dynamics at minimal distortion and has extremely low latency, offering a sensational cost/performance ratio.

The v4.16 software update is available for Lawo customers via the Lawo Download Center.

About Lawo

Lawo is a manufacturer of digital audio networking systems and consoles for a wide range of applications from small to large scale audio production in television and radio, post production, and live sound. Established in the 1970s, the company’s manufacturing center is located in the Rhine valley town of Rastatt, Germany. For additional information on all Lawo products, visit the company online at


Photo Info: Screenshot of the Channel Configuration Page.