TORONTO, ONTARIO -- Holophone®, a leading manufacturer of surround microphones and Rycote, a top manufacturer of professional audio windshielding and shockmounting systems, have teamed up to develop windscreen systems for Holophone‘s entire line of surround microphones -- H2-PRO, H3-D and H4 SuperMINI.

Available in both standalone fuzzy and fuzzy/windscreen pairs, the Rycote windshield systems are extremely effective, providing 10-12db extra protection for Holophone‘s surround microphones over a standard windshield, resulting in a clear audio recording even in the harshest of location environments. The entire line of windscreen systems are made from specially designed and manufactured screening materials which offer virtually no adverse effect on sound level or quality, maintaining the true-to-life experience Holophone‘s microphones provide. To allow for a snug fit, all windscreens feature a drawstring and toggle.

“With our microphones frequently used for on-location shoots and ENG situations, it was important that our users have protection against wind interference to ensure that their audio recordings are the best they can possibly be,” says Holophone CEO Jonathan Godfrey. “The choice was simple. Rycote is known for its high-quality windshield solutions and we look forward to working with the company to help further simplify the recording of surround in any situation.”

“Like Holophone, we have been pioneers in the audio industry and are always looking for new and innovative means for our users to obtain superior sound,” says Simon Davies, Technical Director for Rycote. “We feel the collaboration will be a successful one and hope to work with Holophone on future projects.”

For optimal sound quality, Holophone recommends that the fuzzy shield be used in conjunction with the windscreen. The H2-PRO fuzzy retails for $150, the H3-D for $150 and the H4 SuperMINI for $100. H2-PRO fuzzy/windscreen set retails for $475, H3-D $475 and H4 SuperMINI for $275.

The windscreens will be sold through Holophone and its dealers. For more information, visit Holophone‘s website, www.holophone.com.