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Red partners with 3ality Digital to educate the 3-D industry

3ality Digital, based in Burbank, CA, has entered into a partnership with Red Digital Cinema, makers of the Epic 4K digital cinematography camera, to collaborate on new technology and help educate the industry on the proper techniques of stereoscopic acquisition and post production.

Some of the biggest movie productions, like Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit,” are shooting in 3-D with dual EPIC 4K cameras on 3ality Digital camera rigs.

As part of the initiative, the companies jointly hosted the recently completed REDucation sessions at RED Studios in Hollywood.

The companies said the goal is to train professional and aspiring filmmakers on how to create clear and pristine 3-D images using the same equipment as elite Hollywood directors like Jackson and Bryan Singer.

Red’s Ted Schilowitz said the two companies have been working together for the past few years behind the scenes. “Now is the right time to take that relationship to the next level and integrate education components for the community,” he said.

As the “primary stereoscopic 3-D partner” for Red, 3ality Digital lent its technology, currently being used in feature films such as “The Amazing Spiderman” and “Jack the Giant Killer,” to REDucation’s three-day introductory session May 24-26, as well as during the advanced classes May 27-28. The REDucation Open House included a screening of stereoscopic 3-D content produced with 3ality Digital technology. Attendees also experienced special presentations from RED including the latest “Tattoo” Epic Reel shown in 4K.

“S3D is here to stay, and choosing partners at the forefront of the technology that really grasp what true, high-resolution cinema and S3D are all about is essential for business and for the community,” said Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality Digital. “Educating filmmakers and getting Red and 3ality Digital technology in their hands at events like REDucation is a crucial step toward accelerating and facilitating S3D content production and ultimately consumer adoption.”

The ongoing partnership will also include collaboration at the Camp RED youth summer program Aug. 1-19, where the new partners will provide young filmmakers with training in S3D production. Students ages nine to 15 will shoot their own S3D films at RED Studios Hollywood during the weeklong day camp sessions, including an exclusive, behind-the-scenes trip to 3ality Digital Studios.