Sachtler celebrates 50 years

This year Sachtler, now a Vitec brand, is celebrating its 50th year of offering support and camera head products to broadcasters and film producers. On display in a glass case at the booth was an original wooden-legged tripod designed by company founder Wendelin Sachtler circa 1958.

Fast forwarding to 2008, the company was highlighting its new SOOM HiPod system, a 12.7lb four-in-one camera support for electronic newsgathering (ENG) applications as well as the new Reporter 8 LED portable/onboard light and kit. The new LED light kit comes with two interchangeable LEDs --- daylight and tungsten --- and several other components, including an optical module to change the light’s beam angle.

In the Artemis range, the company showed enhancements for its ACT 2 spring arm, including springs that are easier to change out and new carbon fiber arms, which according to the company’s Ali Amahdi, allows the arm to be more stable as the speed of the user increases.

Listen to a short audio clip from Ali Amahdi.

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