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C10 to be Used for New HD Production Suite

NEW YORK – Solid State Logic is pleased to announce the sale of a 24-channel C10 HD Digital Broadcast Console to Manhattan Center Studios (MCS). MCS is an event and performance space that is available for a wide assortment of entertainment, corporate and special occasions, including recent high profile productions with MTV, YES Networks and BET. The C10 HD will help facilitate the station’s transition into a full HD broadcasting studio.

In addition to the Hammerstein and Grand Ballrooms, which were transformed to suit the requirements of concerts, television shows and theatrical productions, MCS also provides both television production facilities and audio recording studio spaces. Studio 1 is in the process of being rebuilt to a full HD control room and required a digital audio board to handle talk shows, live broadcasts, music shows and other similar projects. In response to this need, MCS purchased the C10 HD, which will provide the flexibility and sound quality for the overall studio and extensive 5.1 audio capabilities at an affordable price.

The C10 HD for MCS also includes the ‘Dialog Automix’ option, a feature which automatically balances the overall volume and ambient noise of a multi-mic ‘talking heads’ discussion. Dialogue Automix automatically opens, closes and adjusts the relative level of individual channels in response to the program action, thus optimizing the audio mix and avoiding ‘up-cuts’ and missed cues. Additionally, MCS will have connectivity to the large Hammerstein Ballroom with an SSL Alpha-Link Live I/O panel. This will allow Studio 1 to be the control room for shows and events produced in the Hammerstein Ballroom.

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