DBee Fully Integrates Inlet Spinnaker Encoders for Live Rich Media Production

DBee, the French leader in live rich-media production and an Inlet Technologies SpinnakerTM encoder integrator, announced today that its Livecast rich-media software suite has been integrated with the Spinnaker encoder family. This has been achieved through the Spinnaker SOAP API and allows the Livecast Command Center software to manage the Spinnaker S5000/7000 as well as the S80 audio-only models, either in Windows Media or Flash formats, providing an enhanced rich-media service capability for corporate clients.

DBee’s Livecast Command Center uses an advanced script injection (for Windows Media) and live cue-point-creation (for Flash), and with this new remote control capability Spinnakers can be fully integrated as the primary encoders into a live encoding workflow. Standard software encoders are used as backup - thus maximising investments and leveraging any installed base.

Rich-media corporate services can now be achieved with this combination of Livecast software and Spinnaker encoders, from the simplest case of slide synchronization to more advance use cases of real-time audience measurement, live subtitling or scores insertions. With these tools, DBee can manage any custom rich interface application interactive scenario and provide a range of media feature sets (question carrousels, dynamic scene reorganisation, dynamic data, etc.). Since these services are transported through the streams, and not through costly polling mechanisms, these can be scaled to an unlimited number of viewers, minimising expense to the corporate client. For the display of these innovative services, Silverlight front-ends are utilized.

"Inlet’s Spinnaker provides a solid API, allowing deep integration into our existing workflows and bringing advanced live scripting features to an industrial grade level," says Nicolas Weil, information systems architect at DBee . “It is an elegant solution for Flash script injection - as current solution use either an intermediary FMS server, or software encoder on top of a low level SDK."

As a key Inlet Spinnaker integrator for Europe, DBee is committed to two areas of expertise: building online strategies on all electronic media and providing high-quality broadcast and webcast solutions. Its visionary rich media expertise has earned DBee a loyal market of large corporations.

The Livecast Command Center software will be available in Q4, as part of services integration or as a standalone licensed software for clients doing onsite rich-media production. Private demonstrations can be arranged on request during the IBC (from September 11 to 13 – please contact emmanuel.pain@dbee.com if you are interested).

About DBee

DBee, a leading French streaming services provider, works with organizations’ external communication agencies and media in the fields of corporate, financial, internal, and crisis communications, marketing, and advertising. DBee has been working with Inlet Spinnakers encoders since early 2009 and uses it for its own needs as well as integrates them for its clients who deploy onsite streaming facilities and platforms. Please visit www.dbee.com for more information.

About Inlet Technologies

Inlet Technologies’ live and on-demand digital media solutions help our customers build intelligent, robust digital media infrastructures. Inlet’s industry expertise, award-winning products and outstanding support enable content owners and distributors to expand their audience and maximize their content’s value. Inlet provides the industry’s fastest time-to-output, sets new standards for quality, and is the first to reach new platforms and screens. Industry leaders such as Major League Baseball, Microsoft, Yahoo!, France Télévisions and Home Shopping Network rely on Inlet for easy implementation, technical prowess and enterprise scale for their mission critical operations. For more information, please visit www.inlethd.com, or follow us on Twitter @ InletTech.