iStopMotion for iPad Makes Storytelling Magical

Have fun and be creative with your kids during the holidays at the breakthrough price of just 4.99 USD

Puchheim, GermanyBoinx Software, a multi-award winning software developer for Mac® platform and iOS devices, is pleased to announce the availability of iStopMotion for iPad, a new addition to the widely popular iStopMotion family of products. Debuting at a special price point of 4.99 USD, iStopMotion for iPad sports camera overlay for visually orchestrating one exciting frame to the next, instant playback for instant smiles, a beautiful timeline, and export options that make sharing movie masterpieces with friends and family simple. iStopMotion for iPad also has a companion, iStopMotion Remote Camera, which lets movie makers use their iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch (4th generation) or a second iPad 2 to capture frames, expanding the creative possibilities.

“iStopMotion for iPad is so easy to use, your kids will master it before you do. Just watch them enjoy and be amazed at what they create,” says Oliver Breidenbach, CEO, Boinx Software. “Stop motion animation is the easiest way to tell a story in a movie. No need for talented actors, a big stage or even a script. Just make your toys the stars. With iStopMotion for iPad, we’ve turned stop motion animation into a fun activity for kids and adults alike… receiving immediate feedback and immediate gratification. And when you’re finished, you can proudly show off your work of art.”

"iStopMotion for the iPad gives me the tools I need to record and fine-tune time-lapse movies while staying within the iOS environment. Nice touches include being able to adjust frame rate (even after the movie has been recorded), onion skinning, grid lines, remote camera with iPhone 4S, time-lapse interval controls, and a variety of export choices. I was truly impressed with the quality of movies I could make with this software," says Derrick Story, professional photographer and publisher of The Digital Story. "And since the software is compatible with iMovie, I have the flexibility to shoot scenes, then assemble them right on the iPad. First, I record the video in iStopMotion, then save the clips to the Camera Roll on the iPad. At that point, I can open iMovie on iPad and import those scenes for further fine-tuning. It's a fun environment for creating great content."

More than just fun, iStopMotion for iPad is educational too!

Parents who homeschool, K-12 teachers and technology instructors can easily add iStopMotion for iPad to the lesson plan and give students a hands-on learning experience that unleashes their creativity with the added benefit of learning life skills. Breidenbach adds, “While being tremendous fun, animating with iStopMotion for iPad effortlessly hones essential life skills such as communication, storytelling, teamwork, spatial coordination, time management and many more.”

All that you need in one stylish design

iStopMotion for iPad user-friendly features make it the ideal stop motion animation and time-lapse tool for people of all ages and skill levels. Feature highlights include:

See the changes unfold before your eyes with Camera Overlay

Stop motion movie makers can overlay the current live camera image with the previous one, visually assessing scene changes. This allows them to animate more quickly and with a higher degree of accuracy.

Instant Playback means instant gratification

The instant playback feature lets movie makers view their production before completion, enabling them to check their work at any time and benefit from seeing the fruits of their labor before they have even finished the product. No more waiting for the software to render – they just tap the play button to see what’s done so far.

A Timeline designed so you never lose your way

iStopMotion for iPad timeline is all about creativity. Beautiful in design and intuitive by nature, users always know where they are within their animation. With side by side frame views and quick two-finger swipe that takes users from start to finish, movie makers see their animation come together from the ‘Big Picture” perspective. For the novice movie maker, iStopMotion for iPad timeline provides the building blocks for time management and sequence organization; helping them achieve their movie vision one frame at a time.

Time Lapse control – slow things down to speed them up

For time-lapse movies, iStopMotion can be set to capture frames automatically at certain time intervals. Built-in controls allow users to adjust camera exposure and focus so the camera doesn’t automatically adjust to external changes – avoiding the dreaded flicker.

Share your masterpiece with the world

Easy-to-use export options allow movie makers to share their work via email or on YouTube. They can also export movies to their Mac or PC for further editing.

Want better angles and clearer image quality? Meet iStopMotion Remote Camera

A companion to iStopMotion for iPad, iStopMotion Remote Camera lets movie makers use iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch or a second iPad 2 to capture images, opening the doors for endless set scenarios. Small spaces and difficult angles to shoot can easily be managed thanks to the convenience of the iPhone or iPod touch. Plus, with the ability to shoot frames using the iPhone 4S’s high-quality camera, image clarity is top notch. iStopMotion Remote Camera connects devices to iStopMotion for iPad via Wi-Fi connection.

iStopMotion for iPad pricing and availability

iStopMotion for iPad is available now in the Apple App Store for a special introductory price of 4.99 USD.

iStopMotion Remote Camera for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 4th gen iPod touch and iPad is also available now for free in the Apple App Store

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