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Broadcast Engineering magazine wins top honors at industry's INKY awards

Last night, I attended a special ceremony where Broadcast Engineering magazine's editorial director, Brad Dick, won the honor of Excellent Editor, Television U.S., at the INKY awards.

The INKY awards were put on by LOI International, a PR and Marketing firm that represents companies in the broadcast industry. The awards were developed to give recognition to broadcast industry media individuals who are highly regarded throughout the industry.

A panel of judges decided the winners, and they based their decision strongly on comments made about those nominated. Some of the comments made about Brad were:

“Through all the ups and downs, focus has always remained on providing the most benefit to readers. The nominee wants to make sure they get all the access to information in the industry.“

Also, “Experience as a radio and television engineer, education in broadcast management and dedication to broadcasting are an effective combination of tools to direct the editorial content.”

It is Broadcast Engineering's 50th anniversary this year, and Brad is a huge part of what makes our magazine so successful.

Congratulations Brad!