I am writing to let you know about an exciting new company being launched by the TEAM Group.

TEAM Solutions is a consulting practice specializing in engineering, communications and management solutions designed to address today’s digital media challenges. Our clients are searching for the latest digital media production and distribution technologies, building new facilities or moving existing ones, and looking for new communication tools and techniques to better reach their target audiences.

We have been providing this sort of guidance to networks, corporations and government clients for many years. Now is the time to formalize the effort and really get the word out.

The TEAM Group also includes TeamCreations, our 25,000 square foot creative production facility in Washington, DC and TeamPeople, the premiere media staffing company offering people management & staffing services to the broadcast, cable, government and corporate communications industries.

While TeamSolutions has the resources of its sister companies to draw on, it is an independent practice that provides guidance appropriate to our clients’ needs. Because we work nationwide and in many cases internationally, we make it our business to collect a vast amount of knowledge and contacts throughout the digital media field. TeamSolutions provides actionable assessments and plans designed to leverage our clients’ existing resources with new ones to meet their goals.

Please visit our new web address at