Prague, Czech Republic – September 13, 2010 – OCTOPUS Newsroom developed an OCTOPUS6 client, OCTOPUS Mobile, on Android phone as a first vendor of newsroom computer systems. From now on journalists can work on their stories in the field with just a phone in their hands.

OCTOPUS Newsroom allows broadcasters to use the most cost-effective solution while speeding up the news production. With OCTOPUS Mobile module you can send only one journalist in the field to prepare the whole story which can be added to the rundown as a breaking news in almost no time.

The OCTOPUS Mobile is suitable for any mobile with an Android operation system. It is an offline/online client that can be used in places with no internet connection or when preparing story on the go. Journalists can browse the wires, rundowns and stories in folders; write a script, add video and much more. When they are finished with new story, they send it to the OCTOPUS6 list of the stories where it is ready to be added to rundown including video.

'We pay attention to the latest trends so we wanted to react to the overall improvement of mobile equipment and to add some dynamics to OCTOPUS6. We have always tried to make journalists' life easier and we believe that this will help them to organise their work. Simply put, they can get up in the morning, check the wires and start planning their day,' commented Petr Stokuc, OCTOPUS Newsroom CEO.


About OCTOPUS Newsroom

OCTOPUS Newsroom is the world leader in providing platform independent newsroom computer systems in the TV broadcast industry with a history of more than 10 years of excellence. OCTOPUS6 is the latest version of its primary product, a multi-platform newsroom computer solution running on Windows, MacOS or Linux. OCTOPUS6 has an installation-free client, centralised updates and a straightforward user interface, while implementing all the features necessary for effective and efficient day-to-day newsroom operations. With rundowns, assignments, story approval, wires, email or RSS, placeholders, lowres browsing and other useful features, OCTOPUS6 helps newsrooms around the world, from local channels to 24/7 news networks. OCTOPUS6 is an open architecture newsroom solution which can be integrated with many third party systems such as automation, graphics and teleprompters through the MOS protocol.

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