New SuperBox Module for Echolab Overture™ Production Switcher Enables Simultaneous Display of Six Video Boxes

BILLERICA, Mass. — June 25, 2008 — Echolab Corporation, a leading provider of professional video production switchers and broadcast tools, today announced the release of the SuperBox module, which enables users of the company’s advanced Overture™ series production switchers to put as many as six windows –onscreen at once. This plug-and-play solution simplifies news and sports production, allowing for simultaneous display of commentators, reporters, or program guests from different locations — all within one picture.

“SuperBox extends broadcasters’ ability to incorporate multiple video boxes into their productions, and it does so without compromising the switcher’s DVE capabilities,” said Echolab President Nigel Spratling. “This affordable and easy-to-use addition to our Overture production switchers integrates seamlessly into the SuperSource™ feature, giving users a valuable tool for delivering more sophisticated live broadcasts.”

Echolab’s SuperBox module board and firmware are designed for standard-definition (SD) Overture systems, and their functionality is accessible via the switchers’ new SuperSource crosspoint key. SuperSource is a user-configurable custom layout that can consist of up to six sources using multiple internal keyers, available through a crosspoint button. With this enhanced keying capacity, SuperSource makes it easy to transition to and from a multiple-box shot. The operator can build a custom layout of up to four boxes and graphics with key and then assign the composition to a crosspoint button. The addition of SuperBox allows users to put multiple boxes from multiple sources on screen at once, and its Intelligent Masking capability provides the flexibility to move or scale each box with the mask, or to move and scale video while keeping the mask stationary.

In a news setting, for example, SuperBox can be used to show the news anchor and multiple analysts, each in their own box, within the overall picture. The streamlined workflow enabled by SuperSource lets the operator switch easily from multiple boxes to a full-screen image of the anchor or a program guest. The two main DVE channels of the Overture switcher remain available for flashy transitions such as a graphic wipe or DVE move, or for even more boxes. The flexibility to incorporate various feeds and graphical effects into the broadcast simultaneously supports creation of more dynamic and compelling programming.

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