Nova TV Chooses Mosart(R) Newscast Automation for Croatian News Service

BERGEN, Norway -- May 24, 2011 -- Croatian commercial channel Nova TV, owned by Central European Media Enterprises (CME), has chosen Mosart Medialab's newscast automation system. Installed at the channel's Zagreb studio and in use for all Nova TV's news coverage including the flagship central evening news, the Mosart system went live with Nova TV in April.

Nova TV's Mosart(R) Newscast installation supersedes the network's previous traditional approach to newscasts, with multiple operators working with the gallery. Using Mosart(R), the station combines high levels of automation and reduced staffing for much of the output with flexible hands-on operation during the flagship news program.

"We researched and tried all the available studio automation software systems on the market, and the Mosart(R) system was the clear winner," said Srecko Husnjak, technical director for Nova TV. "The system offers enormous flexibility in operation so we can go from a minimal staffing level to fully staffed unscheduled operation as and when we need to."

Launched in 2000, Nova TV was Croatia's first commercial television network, and became part of the CME group in 2004. Nova TV is the first broadcaster in the European southeast region to install the Mosart(R) newscast automation system.

"Nova TV's style is very pacey and uses many effects, complex camera moves, and a range of studio setups, so we worked closely with the studio to develop the templates and level of automation they needed," said John Kjellevold, managing director, Mosart Medialab. "Mosart(R)'s flexibility in operation was an important advantage for Nova TV, enabling their staff to build exactly the kind of workflow they want for each broadcasting situation during the day's news coverage."

Mosart(R) version 3.0 includes a range of new features and functions including a redesigned graphical interface with full user-configurability and the capability to store settings. Story elements such as cameras, clips, and graphics can easily be assigned to buttons allowing easy and quick access, and a range of interface overviews can also be assigned to buttons, making the GUI a shot box for touchscreens and adaptable for any TV production. Story scripts from the newsroom computer system are shown directly in the Mosart(R) GUI, and operators can store clips and graphical elements in a pool ready for execution on request.

Mosart(R) version 3.0 also features enhanced handling of macros, sequences, loops, and continue points: Mosart(R)'s sequences tool enables separate parallel rundowns that can be executed on a studio back wall. Macros and continue points simplify automation setup, allowing the director to program and then proceed through multiple events or effects. Looping can now be applied to rundowns, segments, sequences, and clips.

Further information on Mosart Medialab and its products is available at or by phone at +47 55 90 80 70.

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About Nova TV

NOVA TV is Croatia's first private commercial television station. The channel, which launched in 2000 and has been owned by Central European Media Enterprises Ltd since July 2004, has a reach of approximately 97% of the country's 4.4 million people and broadcasts 23 hours per day.

NOVA TV is one of Croatia's main sources for premium news, high-quality locally-produced programming and successful international content all of which is specifically targeted to its Croatian audiences. Since its launch, NOVA TV has continued to introduce new TV genres including highly rated programs such as reality show 'The Farm' and 'MasterChef', entertainment shows 'Got Talent' and drama series 'The Best Years'. Nova TV's central news 'Dnevnik Nove TV' is highest rated news program on Croatian TV market.

About Mosart

Mosart Medialab is a subsidiary of TV2 and one of the cluster of technology spin-offs originating from TV2 including Vizrt, StormGeo, and Vimond. Mosart Medialab ( develops and markets the Mosart(R) automation system for news, sports, weather, and live broadcasting applications. Conceived in 2002 at TV2 by professional news directors, producers, and editors, Mosart(R) meets the demands of live production by simplifying workflow and control, eliminating operational errors, and providing a highly flexible environment for ad-hoc operation. High-level gallery control is combined with a sophisticated user interface making it easy to override the schedule and improvise when breaking news demands instant response. Open-systems architecture ensures industry-leading compatibility with the widest range of third-party systems. Mosart(R) is used for prime-time shows and 24/7 operations by major broadcasters. Mosart is Europe's market leader in studio automation and customers include BBC, SKY, N24, TV2 Denmark, YLE, and NRK.

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