Deborah McAdams is the Executive Editor of TV Technology.

Here we are at the end of the Mayan calendar and therefore, the world. Scholars who actually study Mayans say no such thing will happen, but what do scholars know? Clearly, they do not write movie scripts.

So, besides the global apocalypse, let's consider what's on tap for us in 2012!

The Consumer Electronics Show and Adult Movie Awards are on deck for January in Las Vegas. It is the singular venue where one can see the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission walk through a hallway of elderly transvestites outfitted by Frederick's of Hollywood without batting an eye.

Great Britain celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of HRH Queen Elizabeth II in February, with parades, insignias, Dame Edna and a new portrait of the monarch.

In March, everyone spontaneously becomes Irish, including, in her secret heart, the Queen.

April showers bring the end the 50-year military alignment between the United States and South Korea, but more importantly, the National Association of Broadcasters show to Vegas, where scores of broadcasters will talk about mobile DTV.

In May, Congress will approve a bill directing the FCC to draw up rules prohibiting loud ties.

June will bring about a call to reallocate all remaining spectrum for wireless transmission of YouTube cat videos.

The London Underground will come to a complete halt in June during the 2012 Summer Olympics, the first games ever to feature competitions held entirely on a Wii console.

In a mildly surprising upset, Marc Anthony will become the GOP nominee at the Republican National Convention in August.

Nebraska will beat UCLA in September at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, and record numbers of people will turn off their TVs in October due to campaign advertising fatigue. The electoral dust will settle in November, and the world will end in December.

Unless it doesn't, but have fun, just in case.