iPharro Media Announces the Release of MediaSeeker(TM) Core Platform V3.0 for Holistic Content Identification Solutions

DARMSTADT, Germany — April 12, 2010 — iPharro Media today announced the release of MediaSeeker(TM) Core Platform V3.0, the industry's first fully configurable content identification-based solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any preexisting workflow or serve as the engine behind any new content identification-based application. The MediaSeeker Core Platform V3.0 is built upon iPharro's adaptive video fingerprinting technology(TM), which allows customized tailoring of content indexing and identification to provide exceptional accuracy and efficiency in virtually any use case, ranging from granular content comparison for detection of frame-level differences to rapid content detection in large-scale searches.

"The iPharro MediaSeeker Core Platform V3.0 extends our 'holistic' view of content management by enabling a consistent approach to content identification as media passes through different stages in its life cycle," said Mark Devins, director of business development at iPharro Media. "Extended format support and interfacing capabilities allow this versatile and highly configurable system to be applied effectively across a wide array of content-identification applications."

A workflow-agnostic solution, the MediaSeeker Core Platform V3.0 offers unparalleled accuracy in identifying video content from any digital video source, giving users the power to track, identify, and control media from creation through distribution across multiple platforms. Newly enhanced fingerprint extraction capabilities accommodate an even broader spectrum of applications, and as a result, the platform's fingerprint density can be adapted for content identification in areas including metadata retrieval, archive management, media redundancy prevention (MRP), broadcast monitoring, and versioning of content, among others.

iPharro has also enhanced workflow flexibility by introducing a Web Service API to the iPharro MediaSeeker Core Platform V3.0. The SOAP Web server interface enables straightforward integration of the platform with third-party systems and applications, allowing media companies to use it with their choice of media solutions. Further, a simplified "HotFolder" interface streamlines operations through rapid ingest and analysis of large volumes of data into the iPharro MediaSeeker Core Platform V3.0.

"Each day, millions of hours of digital video content are distributed globally via traditional TV networks, satellites, cable, and Web-based streaming video platforms," said Joshua Cohen, CEO of iPharro Media. "Consequently, today's media professionals require highly sophisticated tools not only for organizing and tracking media, but also for capitalizing on the numerous opportunities presented by content identification-based applications. The iPharro MediaSeeker Core Platform V3.0 empowers these businesses to leverage content identification effectively within their digital media workflows and applications."

More information about the iPharro MediaSeeker Core Platform V3.0 and other iPharro Media products is available at www.ipharro.com.

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About iPharro Media

iPharro Media, a world leader in content identification solutions, empowers media players along every step of the value chain to identify, control, and monetize video content. iPharro's solutions can be deployed and seamlessly integrated into any preexisting workflow or serve as the engine behind any new content identification-based application. With state-of-the-art adaptive video fingerprinting technology(TM) at its core, iPharro's patent-pending identification technique provides users with an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision — down to the frame level — that competitors cannot match. Moreover, with a noninvasive, configurable approach to content identification, iPharro allows customers to fingerprint today, identify tomorrow(TM), thus providing a foundation for maintaining control over growing volumes of digital content, even as available distribution outlets and platforms explode in number. With workflow expertise built in partnership with world-class customers, iPharro is uniquely positioned to integrate advanced content identification into any workflow or business process with minimal impact. More information on iPharro products is available at www.ipharro.com.