Triveni Digital Vice President to Address DTV Test and Measurement Strategies at BroadcastAsia2010

PRINCETON, N.J. -- May 13, 2010 -- Triveni Digital today announced that Ralph Bachofen, the company's vice president of sales and head of marketing, will speak on "The Role of Test and Measurement in Digital Television Delivery" at the BroadcastAsia2010 International Conference in Singapore. Scheduled for June 16 at 2:30 p.m. in the Marquise Room, Bachofen's presentation will explore how integration of MPEG analyzers into the initial DTV infrastructure design can offer service providers a better understanding of the MPEG transport stream environment, simplify their management of stream data from the start, and minimize unnecessary churn -- while providing a valuable foundation for ongoing growth.

"Delivery of digital television services is a far more complicated undertaking than is provision of traditional analog broadcasts," said Bachofen. "Without the proper means of testing and monitoring the MPEG stream itself, it can be difficult for broadcasters, broadband service providers, and IPTV network operators to identify, evaluate, and resolve problems that threaten the quality of the viewing experience. My goal through the presentation is to shed light on how broadcasters can employ continuous MPEG monitoring to take a proactive, straightforward, and cost-effective approach to service quality maintenance."

In discussing the challenges of DTV delivery, Bachofen will detail enterprise-wide MPEG monitoring strategies that lower the costs of analysis and help to minimize the time required for isolation and resolution of stream issues. He also will explain the benefits that test and measurement systems can offer in helping service providers and their upstream and downstream partners maintain agreed-upon signal-quality standards.

Bachofen has more than 15 years of experience in voice and multimedia over IP, telecommunications, and the semiconductor business. His professional career includes senior technical and marketing roles at Conexant Systems, Siemens, and Accelerated Networks. Bachofen holds an executive masters degree in business administration and a bachelor of science degree in telecommunication technologies. An expert on the role of metadata in the effective provision and monitoring of all variety of DTV services, he is a frequent speaker on the topics of test and measurement strategies, advanced broadcast platforms, and mobile DTV delivery.

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