Keep Me Posted installs Quantel Pablo 4K System

Leading LA Postproduction company chooses Quantel for workflow, speed and adaptability

Postproduction company Keep Me Posted (KMP), a division of FotoKem, has installed a new Quantel Pablo 4K system for color grading and finishing. The new system is also capable of stereoscopic 3D work.

Keep Me Posted, long an early adopter of Quantel products, recognized an opportunity to upgrade its existing Quantel iQ online finishing system. The move brings the facility in line with its parent company, FotoKem. “It was time to upgrade our box so that we would be on the same platform as FotoKem and be able to share data back and forth,” says Andrew Hanges, Senior Vice President and General Manager of KMP.

In only two short months, the Pablo is getting a workout, particularly in grading and finishing effects for clients’ shows. The system’s instant nonlinear access allows clients to see their corrected shots in editorial and compositional context at full resolution. KMP’s iQ editor Sean Rutledge also uses the Pablo for beautification and trailer work.

“It’s a really good tool that fits in well with the work environment that we have,” says Hanges. “Clients are really happy with Pablo’s abilities.”

“It has greatly sped up our workflow because of its much larger local storage and much faster CPU and GPU processors. We also added stereoscopic viewing to the Pablo toolset to meet the demand of our growing 3D work,” says KMP’s iQ editor Jay Segimoto.