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Italy's Mediaset Standardizes on ScheduALL to Support Collaborative Operations, Improve Profitability

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — March 17, 2009 — ScheduALL today announced that leading Italian media group Mediaset S.p.A. is using the ScheduALL broadcast and operations management software system as a collaborative solution for managing resources across multiple locations companywide. Mediaset first began using ScheduALL and ScheduLINK software within its Elettronica Industriale division to manage signal distribution through satellite and uplink facilities. The company now has also transitioned its Videotime division and full complement of newsgathering and production resources onto ScheduALL software, realizing vastly improved efficiencies enterprise-wide.

"Working with ScheduALL across different divisions of the group allows us to speak a common language. In a sense, we are now working with the same tools and leveraging shared data more effectively in planning and managing our resource use," said Marco Bianchi, Mediaset studio planner responsible for supervising the ScheduALL system. "Whereas previous solutions were limited in their ability to address all of our resources, the ScheduALL software enables us to manage every part of operations. The ability to consolidate planning and management within a single application has enabled us to share personnel and technical resources more efficiently across the company while reducing the burden on IT and scheduling staff."

Mediaset's Videotime division oversees the production of programs for the group's three networks — Canale 5, Italia 1, and Retequattro — and operates Mediaset's studios and equipment. Videotime also provides specialized technical personnel for live broadcast, news, variety and game shows, and dramas.

In extending its ScheduALL use to include management of Videotime studios, ENG equipment, editing suites, and personnel in its Milan headquarters, Mediaset has been able to track the costs and progress of each production project more closely and more completely. The import of data from Mediaset's SAP system makes information about vendors, resource quantities, and prices readily available in ScheduALL in relation to each work order.

Over the life of any given project, Mediaset staff can use ScheduALL not only for planning, but also to monitor and control costs more effectively — and without the need to work with the company's more complex financial software system. Managers use ScheduALL's reporting functionality to view, at any point in a project, how actual costs compare with the quote originally provided, receiving critical ROI information to make real-time business decisions. In addition to monitoring internal costs, the company also uses this cost data to engage external resources more cost-effectively. A custom interface between ScheduALL and SAP supports the export of project and cost details into SAP for more in-depth financial analysis and reporting.

"Maximizing efficiencies is now more than ever a top priority within the broadcast and production industry, and ScheduALL provides media companies of all sizes with the comprehensive planning and management tools needed to make this goal a reality," said Joel Ledlow, CEO of ScheduALL. "In addressing all elements of the business and integrating smoothly with Mediaset's existing systems, ScheduALL supports more collaborative workflows across the company and improves the visibility of project costs, thus enabling the company to realize greater profitability from its production work."

More information about ScheduALL and its software solutions is available online at

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About Mediaset

Mediaset Group is the first commercial broadcaster in Italy and one of the major media companies at the European level. The group's main company, Mediaset S.p.A., has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since July 1996. Mediaset is a fully integrated media company with operations that include three national television channels (Canale 5, Italia 1, and Retequattro), Italy's largest advertising company, television production facilities, Italy's largest television rights library, and a wholly owned national signal distribution. Videotime — the Mediaset subsidiary that manages the productions of TV programs for the three networks — operates Mediaset's studios and equipment and provides specialized technical personnel for live broadcast, news, variety and game shows and some of the fiction programs produced. Videotime is the Italian leader in TV production and makes use of the most advanced technology available including digital technologies that guarantee the highest level of quality in TV productions. For more information visit the Mediaset Group web site:

Mediaset S.p.A., a communication and broadcasting company, engages in the production and sale of television programs, and in the sale of advertising spaces in Italy. Its advertising division, through Publitalia '80 S.p.A., exclusively collects advertising for the company's three television channels comprising Canale 5, Italia 1, and Retequattro (Rete 4).

About ScheduALL

ScheduALL is the leading provider of enterprise resource management (ERM) software for the broadcast and media industry. With almost 20 years of experience and more than 1,200 worldwide clients within broadcast, satellite, and production facilities, ScheduALL is clearly recognized as the partner of choice for operational management software solutions.

ScheduALL's software offers comprehensive workflow and resource management capabilities that enable clients to optimize personnel, resources, and bandwidth utilization in a way that directly translates into increased productivity and ROI. ScheduALL's modular approach and scalable product-sets provide a collaborative platform for users in the broadcast, production, post-production, satellite/network transmission, and newsroom environments. ScheduALL clients include ABC Australia, BBC, CBC, FOX News Network, The Associated Press, IntelSat, Turner Studios, Mediaset, RTL, and SES New Skies. More information is available at