MTV3 Finland Gets Interactive With Orad

Back for more, MTV3 Finland expands use of Orad’s Interact to its mainstream news programs

Orad is pleased to announce that leading Finnish broadcaster MTV3 is fully interactive with the Orad Interact solution. After successfully utilizing Interact for its 2011 General Elections coverage in April 2011, MTV3 expanded use of the forward-thinking system to its news programs. Orad’s Interact lets television presenters control and direct content on their touch screens, video walls and other input devices, enabling them to better engage their viewers with media-rich visuals.

“We had the first live show with the additional new system on December 14, 2011 in the election panel. Graphics – along with the show overall – was a great success. Everything was created dynamically from the 40,000-line opinion poll result table while our hostess pushed the button. Many of the heated discussions among candidates actually started as their reaction to the graphics. One of the best political debates I’ve ever seen in Finland. This would not have happened without your system,” Seppo Välimäki, system engineer, MTV3.

With Orad Interact, MTV3 journalists are able to display graphics, clips and live videos, leveraging Interact’s telestrator capabilities to emphasize key points for their daily news shows. MTV3 also heavily relied on Interact for its coverage of the Finnish Presidential Elections on the 22 of January 2012. Thanks to its great success, MTV3 will use Interact for the upcoming municipal elections in autumn.

In addition to Interact, MTV3 benefits daily from Orad's Maestro enterprise graphic solution for its news and sports productions, and 3DPlay for channel branding.

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