Unique Teleprompter Selector Supports Professional HD Camera Users

May 6, 2009 – Political leaders and news anchors feel very comfortable using a teleprompter, and now any professional or broadcast HD camera user can feel confident they are choosing the right one.

A unique, interactive Teleprompter Selector featured only on HD Camera Guide www.HDCameraGuide.com actually lets visitors select their camera brand and model, type of lens, pan/tilt head brand and series, and receive first and second choice teleprompter model recommendations. The user can then find out more, by clicking on either recommendation for complete details.

The Teleprompter Selector features Teleprompters from Autoscript, the industry leader, and was the brain-child of Autoscript Vice President Gordon Tubbs. “There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to choosing the right Teleprompter for your camera/lens set-up, stated Tubbs in a recent interview. “While we’re pleased that Autoscript is the industry leader, it’s equally important that our customers get the right teleprompter that meets their equipment requirements. That’s why we worked with HD Camera Guide to create this in-depth interactive tool.”

HD Camera Guide also features an interactive Camera Selector, and HD Lens Selector featuring Canon lenses. With the camera selector, visitors can choose by brand or application, while the lens selector lets visitors chose the right lens for their camera brand, model, and specific application. Camera brands featured on the site include Sony, Ikegami, JVC, Panasonic, Grass Valley, Hitachi, Red, and others.

Since its launch six months ago, HD Camera Guide (www.HDCameraGuide.com) has grown to become a leading information source for professional and broadcast HD camera users, while covering the trends that are shaping the “most powerful communication tool” in the world.

The site which continues to generate page 1 Google results for a wide range of industry specific keywords including “hd camera”, “best HD camera” and many other brand/model-specific searches, is also linked to many industry association sites and blogs.

HD Camera Guide also offers visitors a wide range product and Learning Center videos that inform visitors on new technology, techniques, and more.

About HDCameraGuide.com

www.HDCameraGuide.com is the premier source for HD Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories, and membership is Free. The site regularly features exclusive video interviews, product-introduction videos, a video-rich Learning Center, an Interactive Camera Selector, Lens Selector, and Teleprompter Selector, pertinent news, and more.