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As many music fans, U.S. historians and Baby Boomers celebrated the 40th anniversary of “The Summer of Love,” high-profile concert events across America made 2007 “The Summer of Aviom.” Aviom‘s personal monitor mixing system and digital snakes have found a niche among musicians and live sound professionals working the summer‘s biggest music events the world over.

Trevor Lawrence, Jr. used his custom Aviom monitor rig on stage while playing drums with Alicia Keys at the Live Earth concert in New Jersey. Meanwhile, in the cradle of American independence, Philadelphia, hometown heroes Hall & Oates treated the rain-soaked 4th of July crowd with an outstanding 90-minute performance of their greatest hits. Broadcast live on ABC television, the whole band used Aviom personal mixers for their monitors.

Summer concerts in the park are becoming more popular throughout big cities, offering music lovers an opportunity to enjoy the soothing sounds of artists playing in a relaxed outdoor setting. Those shows do present challenges for audio professionals working on site, but acoustical consulting firm SIA Acoustics employed an Aviom Pro64 digital snake -- featuring the new 6416dio Digital I/O Module -- with great success during the 10-week MAD SQ MUSIC concert series featuring well-known jazz and R&B performers this summer in New York City‘s Madison Square Park.

Playing drums for American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, Felix “D-Kat” Pollard has been enjoying the improved on-stage control with his Pro16 personal monitor mixing system. Thoroughly pleased with his Aviom experience,, Felix comments, “When I‘m playing live, I like to be able to do what I want to do with my mix without having to rely solely on the monitor engineer. This tour has been my first chance to use the Aviom system regularly, and it‘s exactly what I needed to get that next level of control over what I hear in my in-ear system. Now, I can‘t imagine playing a gig without it.”

Another drummer, Chicago‘s Danny Seraphine, has been using his Aviom monitor rig on the road in support of his new band‘s debut CD, California Transit Authority.

Spreading the wealth around the stage, brass sections are also getting into the mix with Aviom, as the 8-piece horn section playing behind popular contemporary crooner Michael Buble is taking it personal, using the Aviom monitor mixing system on their current world tour.

Thoroughly pleased with the Aviom system‘s effect on his performance, third trumpeter Justin Ray states, “Aviom gives me the ability to deal quickly and comfortably with all of the idiosyncrasies and surprises that arise when playing live."

Overseas, U.K. sound company Wigwam has been supporting international superstar George Michael‘s stadium tour with Aviom personal monitor mixers for the band as a key element of their impressive production. Among those shows include the very first two shows in the new Wembley stadium in London.

A busy summer touring season was made easier for musicians with Aviom‘s innovative personal monitor mixing system and audio distribution solutions.

Aviom is the world leader and pioneer of personal monitor mixing technology with the popular Pro16 Series, as well as the exclusive developer of the revolutionary Pro64 Series of audio networking products. All Aviom products are powered by A-Net®, the company‘s groundbreaking high-speed digital audio transmission protocol. Aviom products solve problems in a variety of different environments, including live sound reinforcement, audio recording studios, houses of worship, theater, broadcasting and post-production facilities and a host of commercial installations. Aviom‘s entire line of high-quality professional audio products are designed and manufactured in the USA.