Digital+ launches free 3-D demo channel across Europe

Digital+, the Spanish multichannel operator, has launched a free-to-air 3-D demo channel on SES ASTRA, increasing the total number of 3-D channels handled by the direct-to-home satellite system to eight.

At the forefront of 3-D broadcasting in Spain, Digital+ has launched the new 3-D channel to help installers and retailers showcase 3-D TV at the point of sale. The channel will feature high-quality 3-D features film clips and concert clips during daytime hours (when stores are open for business).

In addition to the new channel, other providers of stereoscopic TV channels on SES ASTRA include BSkyB in the UK, Canal+ in France, Sky in Germany, Viasat in Scandinavia, Brava 3D and Penthouse 3D. SES ASTRA also has its own 3-D demo channel.

“In view of the fast ramp-up of 3-D channels together with accelerating 3-D TV screen sales, we are confident that 3-D will soon establish itself as a premium layer of television,” said Ferdinand Kayser, president and CEO of SES ASTRA.

SES ASTRA is one of the leading direct-to-home (DTH) satellite systems in Europe, with more than 200 HD channels. The satellite fleet currently comprises 17 satellites that deliver services to more than 135 million households and transmit more than 2500 TV and radio channels. It also provides satellite-based multimedia, Internet and telecommunication services to enterprises, governments and their agencies.