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Suitcase TV goes 3D. With 3DTV expanding into home-entertainment, Suitcase TV has taken their current range into the 3D realm.

Suitcase TV has transformed their existing products to take on the demands of 3DTV for broadcasters. 3DTV has particularly captured the imagination of cinemagoers over the last 12 months with blockbuster releases such as sci-fi epic Avatar (James Cameron, 2010) and the Six Nations Rugby, which was shown live across selected UK cinemas. But now, broadcasters want to bring the 3D experience into the home.

According to a BBC report :

“…the picture looks promising with a survey showing around 3.4m 3DTV sets will be sold in the US this year.”

Coupled with the proposed transmission of the FIFA World Cup in June this year, this is surely an exciting time for 3DTV.

Suitcase TV has taken it’s existing products such as Splice – for generating quick EDLs,

ShotLogger - for effective shot logging and TrakStak – broadcast audio re-mapping, and have added new functionality for use within the 3D market.

From acquisition, Media Ingest can handle a range of delivery formats including MXF, QT MOV, and DPX as individual left/right files or can ‘unwrap’ an interlaced L/R mix combined file.

Built within the established MediaStor architecture, Suitcase TV’s storage systems now operate a fully tailored 3D infrastructure, housing files as individual essence or as combined files that includes all audio tracks with their L/R video pair. With up to 64 mono audio tracks with L/R pair, this becomes ample for multi-language, surround-sound and multi-channel audio mixes, all using advanced browse capabilities.

As with the SD/HD versions of ShotLogger, Splice and TrakStak, the stereoscopic video is transcoded to ‘browse’ resolution versions, to permit long-term online storage & remote access to content. Splice also has an ‘edit conform engine’ to allow publishing of high-resolution edits, making content ready for craft-editing system such as Avid and Final Cut; with options to publish to a variety of file formats.

Complete the workflow with the MediaXchange, by transcoding media to other formats compliant for playout; with compression types such as MPEG, MPEG-4 AVC, uncompressed (DPX), DNxHD and DV. Finally, export as separate L/R essences or as combined files.

Suitcase TV’s Technical Director, David Atkins comments:

“It was clear that 3D was going to be the future for the broadcast industry and we have worked hard to adapt our current product range to fulfil these new demands.”

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