Small Tree to Introduce GraniteSTOR Titanium "All-in-One"Shared Storage System for Real-Time Collaboration at NRB 2012

Mac networking and shared storage specialist, Small Tree, will introduce GraniteSTOR Titanium, the newest addition to its growing line of affordable Ethernet-based shared storage systems, at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville this February. Titanium is a high-performance, capacity-dense, dedicated video-editing shared storage appliance with advanced file sharing capabilities enabling simple, real-time collaboration.

An "all-in-one" system, Titanium offers extreme flexibility to support diverse requirements, making sure video editors with limited resources can focus on editing video, not on managing their workflow infrastructure. Small Tree designed and optimized its latest offering to meet the demanding needs of professional video editors requiring simultaneous access to media files.

Configurable up to 14 GbE ports or eight 10GbE ports and storage capacity from 16TB to 48TB, Titanium is built on a customized open source operating system that was designed to be easy-to-use and feature rich and reliable, while providing exceptionally robust performance. Storage can be made available to users within minutes of initial start up and the powerful and convenient Web-based GUI makes management of the system straightforward and simple. Additionally, by using a Web-based browser, Titanium can be managed from anywhere with an Internet connection, providing optimal convenience to post-production professionals facing tight deadlines.

Storage, file server and networking are all contained in the Titanium chassis, which means users can connect an editing workstation directly to the system with no other networking equipment required. If additional editing workstations are required, a Small Tree switch is easily integrated with the new system. As a result of its tremendous flexibility, Titanium is ideal for any post-production environment, whether it's in the studio, at home, in a mobile production truck or on a remote shoot requiring on-site video editing.

Finally, Small Tree's newest shared storage solution supports popular editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, while enabling Windows, Linux, Unix and Macintosh clients to share media files. In addition to network file protocols - AFP, Samba(CIFS) and NFS - iSCSI is also supported. Utilizing iSCSI and Xsan (now included in OS X at no additional charge) makes possible full Final Cut X sharing. So post-production professionals can rest easy knowing that no matter what software or platform they are working from, Titanium will work seamlessly in their environment.

"GraniteSTOR Titanium is platform and software agnostic, so post-production facilities using Windows and Mac can rely on a single shared storage solution to meet their workflow needs," said Corky Seeber, president of Small Tree. "This is a purpose-built system that will eliminate technological redundancies while improving workflow and cost efficiencies."

For more information on GraniteSTOR Titanium, visit Small Tree at the upcoming NRB Convention - Small Tree's booth will be located in the Technologies for Worship Pavilion - or at Follow Small Tree on Twitter @smalltreecomm.