tpc enters the Stereo3D era with Quantel

Swiss broadcasting pioneer takes Pablo on the road in drive towards 3D

Newbury, UK, 18 May 2010: tv production center Zurich ag (tpc) has purchased a Stereo3D Quantel Pablo color correction and finishing system to form the heart of its new mobile Stereo3D post production unit. tpc will use the Pablo for on-site production at events throughout German-speaking Europe.

"Rather than building the Pablo into a fixed suite and having to get material back to it before work can start, we have decided to take it on the road to broadcasters and post production studios, where we will integrate the Pablo with their facilities to provide high quality finished 3D packages," said Sascha Klement, tpc Head of Sales. "This approach means that we can clearly demonstrate a working Stereo3D business model to our customers within their existing infrastructure."

tpc has been using Quantel eQ and iQ systems for finishing and color correction for a number of years, but nonetheless the company evaluated all the available Stereo3D post production systems on the market before choosing Quantel for its venture into Stereo3D. "The Pablo 3D tools are not difficult to learn, but a lot of experience is required to achieve a good result in 3D," Klement explains. "The Pablo supports this learning process, helping the skilled operator to acquire the necessary knowledge in the most efficient way."

tpc will also be using the Pablo for developing Stereo3D within television. "tpc in Zurich pioneers the development and deployment of new technologies for all SRG SSR stations," says Klement. "SRG SSR has been test broadcasting HD through HD Suisse since 2008, and now all the major broadcasters are busy converting from SD to HD, which of course consumes money and resources. So the 3D television work we are doing is very much aimed at demonstrating how 3D can be used within their existing infrastructure."

"tpc has already carried out the post production of ski racing shot in 3D in Kitzbuhel for Red Bull Media House on the Pablo, and the plan is do more post production on the mobile Pablo for 3D productions in Germany and Austria over the coming months," Klement adds. "As well as providing post production facilities, we are also providing consultancy for producers on how to approach 3D projects overall."

"We are delighted to be journeying with tpc into the Stereo3D future," said Martin Mulligan, Quantel Sales and Marketing Director. "It's a perfect marriage of leading edge Quantel technology and the innovative strategies of tpc that will move Stereo3D television much closer."