Redondo Beach, CA – August 2009 … Solid State Logic, a pioneer in the advancement of console technology, and Bond Music Research, a leading provider of cable solutions for stage and studio applications, are pleased to announce the Get Connected special. Applicable to all new SSL AWS 900+ SE console purchases made between August 3rd, 2009 and October 12th, 2009, this special promotion provides a Van Damme interconnect cable kit free of charge—saving customers considerable expense as they wire their new console into their studios.

With a retail value of $7,950.00, the Van Damme AWS 900+ SE cable kit consists of thirty 10-foot long 25wD (25-pin D-Sub) cables. The custom labeled Van Damme cable kit is designed to make all the necessary connections between the console and six 25wD to TT patch bays (sold separately). The Van Damme AWS 900+ SE cable kit provides a turnkey solution for interconnecting the SSL AWS 900+ SE console to patchbays.

Recognized by audio professionals as a leading UK-based manufacturer of many of the finest cable products in the world, Van Damme ( products have been servicing the audio requirements of the European music, post-production, broadcast, and touring sound communities for over three decades. Van Damme cables fill the floors at London’s Abbey Road, Sarm, Lyndhurst, and Air Studios and are currently on tour with leading musical acts such as Coldplay, Radiohead, AC/DC, and The Foo Fighters. Van Damme packaged cable products are exclusively distributed throughout North America by Bond Music Research, and will make their debut at the up coming AES Exhibition this October in New York City.

Phil Wagner, President of SSL Inc., commented on the new Get Connected program. “SSL is pleased to be partnering with Bond Music Research and Van Damme on this cable package promotion,” said Wagner. “Van Damme cables are highly regarded throughout Europe. This program offers SSL AWS 900+ SE console purchasers an outstanding opportunity to get a world-class cable package included with the console purchase, considerably reducing the installation expense.”

Wayne Freeman, President of Bond Music Research, echoed Wagner’s sentiments. “I’m very pleased to have Bond Music Research partnering with SSL on this promotion,” said Freeman. “Van Damme cables offer superior sound quality, exceptional signal transmission characteristics, and robust build quality that is, unquestionably, at the leading edge of cable technology. Not only are Van Damme cables a common fixture at leading recording studios, they are also integral to the BBC’s broadcast facilities and to performing artists worldwide. The Get Connected promotion is an ideal means for customers of SSL’s AWS 900+ SE console to get everything they need to get interconnected quickly and efficiently.”

The Solid State Logic – Bond Music Research Get Connected promotion is available through North American SSL AWS 900+ SE dealers. For additional information, please contact Quinton Nixon, partnership manager:

About Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic is the leading supplier of audio mixing consoles for music, broadcast, and post production applications. The AWS 900+ SE is a hybrid analog console/digital DAW controller in a family of similar consoles such as Duality and Matrix. With over 450 AWS consoles worldwide, the console’s competence is established with music producers, and engineers around the globe.

About Bond Music Research

With offices in Seattle, WA and Southern CA, Bond Music Research offers products that address a variety of issues routinely encountered by music and sound professionals. With a commitment to delivering the best equipment at prices that make sense, the company offers a comprehensive line of cable products for both stage and studio applications. For additional information, visit the company online at