Lightwave Takes Pole Position

Stroud, June 2007 - Microphone accessory specialist, Lightwave Audio Systems is taking the industry by storm with the introduction of the new G5, a high specification News Boom Pole at an astonishingly low price.

Precision engineered using state-of-the-art plastic technology, the pole is designed to be simultaneously robust and lightweight. Instead of metal threads, the G5 News Pole boasts a patented triple-cam locking system allowing for a minimal fifteen degrees of twist to lock/unlock, facilitating cleaning and reducing the likelihood of jamming.

Simon Davies, Lightwave‘s Technical Director says, “The G5 not only throws away the boom pole design rule book, but also comes in at a fantastic price.”

BAFTA award-winning Sound Recordist, Dennis Cartwright describes the G5‘s advantages: “It‘s very quick to operate the section locking rings; it extends to a good length and closes down short enough to fit into a tripod bag. The pole is very quiet in use, too.”

The pole can be supplied with an internal coiled cable as an option using Neutrik NC3 (XLR style) connectors with gold-finished pins.

The G5 is available immediately from all Lightwave Audio dealers.


About Lightwave Audio Systems Inc.

Lightwave Audio Systems innovative product line, including microphone windscreens, microphone shock mounts and boom poles, serves both the professional film and broadcast industries and the consumer video market.

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