Wohler's Carl Dempsey to Present Session at BroadcastAsia2011

Company's President and CEO Selected to Speak on "Strategies for Loudness Monitoring and Control"

SAN FRANCISCO -- May 25, 2011 -- Wohler Technologies today announced that its President and CEO, Carl Dempsey, will present "Strategies for Loudness Monitoring and Control in Today's Broadcasting Operations" at the BroadcastAsia2011 International Conference in Singapore. Dempsey's session is scheduled for 9:45 a.m. on Friday, June 24.

"Loudness control has become so important for broadcast operations that it is getting the attention of regulators in many countries. The new Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation or CALM Act in the U.S. is one example," said Dempsey. "Put simply, loudness control mitigates the perceived loudness jumps between channels, programs, and commercials that create a less-than-ideal viewing experience. Fortunately, there are options for integrating loudness control and monitoring with minimal impact on existing operations, whether staffed or unattended."

In his presentation, Dempsey will explore the complexities of controlling audio volume, including the potential causes and implications of loudness. Attendees will learn cost-effective strategies for instituting convenient, highly automated loudness control solutions across a broadcast operation. Specific topics will include how to incorporate loudness monitoring into an integrated, facility-wide workflow; how to employ Dolby(R) signals for loudness control; how new adaptive and level control algorithms are benefiting broadcasters; and the growing regulatory implications and standards for loudness control.

In his tenure as president and CEO, Dempsey has led Wohler Technologies through 15 years of innovation in the development of audio and video monitoring solutions. Dempsey's career spans 30 years in the broadcast industry and this experience is reflected in the functionality and convenience designed into every Wohler product. Under Dempsey's leadership, Wohler was the first to introduce Dolby(R) support to its monitoring systems and remains among the first to bring 3-Gbps-capable solutions to market.

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About Wohler Technologies Inc.

Wohler offers a comprehensive and award-winning range of audio, video, data monitoring, and captioning products designed to provide the highest quality solutions for facilities of all sizes and complexity. Founded in 1987, the San Francisco Bay-area manufacturer has grown to become the dominant provider of confidence monitoring and signal management solutions for the broadcast and pro audio/video markets. Originally inventing and defining the category of in-rack audio, video, and data monitoring products, the company has expanded its offerings to include solutions for captioning and loudness. More information about Wohler and its full range of solutions is available at www.wohler.com.

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