Santa Fe International Workshops offers 3-D workshop

Santa Fe International Workshops will host a new hands-on training series on stereographic 3-D cinematography Aug. 28-30 at the VER 3D and Digital Cinema Arts Center in Glendale, CA. The program will combine an overview of key 3-D technologies with intensive sessions using the latest tools of 3-D cinematography.

The high-end workshop is designed for industry professionals looking to familiarize themselves with the latest technical and creative information on stereographic 3-D cinematography. Santa Fe International’s experienced professionals will provide participants with a detailed guide to 3-D workflow as well as hands-on instruction on the proper assembly, calibration and operation of the latest-generation 3-D rigs and tools for 3-D cinematography. Follow-up workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia will explore further the details of stereographic 3-D production through specialty and master classes.

This year, Thales Angenieux is a principal sponsor of the Santa Fe International Workshops. The company’s George Palmer will lead a session on lens technology for 3-D applications. Other sponsors include Fujinon, IRIDAS, Angenieux, S.two, 1Beyond, Element Technica, More2Cam, DSC Labs, 3reedom Digital, Convergent Design and Fletcher Cameras & Lenses. Scheduled instructors include Geoff Boyle, Aaron James, Maninder Saini, Mike Spodnik, George Palmer, Jae-mo Koo and Dan Kneece. Guest speakers include Miles Shozuya, Fujinon; Steve Crouch, IRIDAS; and Ted White, S.two.

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