BIRTV 2008 Honors NVISION’s NV8576 Large-Matrix Digital Multi-Format Router with Outstanding Product Award

Beijing China, BIRTV 2008 – November 4, 2008 –– NVISION, announced today that the Beijing International Radio, Film and Television Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV) has awarded its 2008 Outstanding Product Award to NVISION for its NV8576 Large-Matrix Digital Multi-Format Router. NVISION is the world’s leading provider of high-reliability, scaleable, and error-free routers, router control, and master control systems used in TV broadcast and post production,

BIRTV is the largest broadcast equipment exhibition in the Asia/Pac region. The Outstanding Product Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the Chinese broadcast market. It is awarded to the most innovative products and advanced technology developed for broadcasting, as well as the most practical application projects in China. Comprised of professional scholars, experts and authorities, the review committee for the BIRTV Awards reviews and evaluates the nominated products. These awards are the indicators for the future development of TV and radio technologies and often become purchasing guidelines.

"We are greatly honored that our NV8576 router received the BIRTV Outstanding Product Award,” said PH Cheung, Asia Pacific Regional Manager for NVISION. “This prestigious award is a significant endorsement of the NV8576’s advanced platform-driven product design and the result of NVISION’s continued commitment to provide the Chinese broadcast market with the latest, most powerful, and most reliable routing technologies designed to future-proof your investment.”

About the NV8576 Router

The NV8576 Large-Matrix Digital Multi-Format Router is the first in a new router product line that offers 3Gb/s routing, patented N-on-1 redundant crosspoint protection, and superior signal integrity over coaxial cable or optical fiber. The NV8576 Large-Matrix Digital Multi-Format Router supports a 576x1152 matrix in a single 32RU frame. NVISION’s proven linear expansion technology provides matrix sizes up to 1152x1152 in two 32 RU frames with in-field expansion by simply adding a second frame and the appropriate front plug-in modules. This expansion technology, field proven in NVISION’s NV8256 and NV8288 routers, eliminates the need for external secondary switches or distribution amplifiers, passive combiners and splitters. The new router product family supports a broad range of matrix sizes from 144x144 to 1152x1152.

Platform-Driven Product Design

The foundation for the NV8576 Router is NVISION’s Router Technology Platform, which is the culmination of NVISION’s 18 years of industry innovations combined with the latest chip technology. As the most advanced routing system on the market, NVISION’s new NV8576 router provides users with the highest levels of reliability, scaleability, and flexibility on the market. This is a significant value proposition for broadcasters and post houses because it gives them immediate access to ever more powerful features, functionality, and performance over time, all at the lowest total cost of ownership.

About NVISION: Moving Pictures and Sound Around, Perfectly

Headquartered in Grass Valley, CA (USA), NVISION is the leading provider of advanced technology and routing systems for the delivery of superior, error-free digital audio and HD/SD video used in all TV broadcast sectors and multi-format post production. The company’s sole focus is the development and manufacture of high-performance, high-reliability, scaleable, and cost-effective router, router control, master control, and modular broadcast systems. Since its founding in 1989, NVISION has pioneered groundbreaking technological advances, including large-scale HD-SDI routing and synchronous AES routing – first in HD; first in 3Gb/s-enabled routers. For more information, please visit