Echolab Appoints Kris Kite to Strengthen Manufacturing Process

BILLERICA, Mass. -- Feb. 6, 2008 -- Echolab Corporation, a leading provider of professional video production switchers and broadcast tools, today announced the appointment of Kris Kite as the company‘s manufacturing engineer. In his new position with Echolab, Kite will be responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the company‘s manufacturing processes to ensure efficient and timely production of quality products that meet the needs of the broadcast market.

“As our operations and product line continue to grow, we‘re dedicated to providing our clients with quality products for which Echolab is known,” said Echolab President Nigel Spratling. “With extensive experience in certifying manufacturing lines, validating equipment, and overseeing operator training and documentation, Kris will be critical in Echolab‘s ongoing ability to develop, manufacture, and deliver innovative, industry-leading products that provide the performance our clients demand.”

Prior to joining Echolab, Kite served as manufacturing engineer at National Engineering Service Corporation®, through which he provided Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma expertise to a variety of manufacturing organizations. He earlier held the role of process engineer at Vectron International®, applying Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Black Belt manufacturing processes to the company‘s high-volume production of crystal resonators, establishing statistical process control, and managing ISO documentation and control. Kite also has served as process engineer at Hitachi® America, a role in which he analyzed, certified, and improved process capabilities for leading-edge, plasma etch semiconductor manufacturing tools.

In all of these roles, Kite led successful efforts to enhance the quality and consistency of the product yield, in turn increasing product performance and significantly reducing service-call costs. As manufacturing engineer at Echolab, he will be based in Massachusetts and report directly to Spratling.

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