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Philippines ABC-5 Network Expands With Jampro Antenna Systems

Manila, Philippines (March 22, 2011) -- Jampro Antennas Inc. of Sacramento, California today announced that it has delivered a major antenna order to ABC-5 (Associated Broadcasting Corporation), one of the largest, fastest growing TV and radio networks in the Philippines.

In March 2010, Mediaquest, the corporate vehicle for media-related investments of Philippines Long Distance Telephone Company, acquired 100 percent ownership of Associated Broadcasting. The Jampro antenna systems are part of a new build-out strategy to increase coverage to the island nation of nearly 100 million people.

The Jampro broadband UHF and VHF panel antennas will be installed at 10 sites throughout the country. Jampro RF engineers worked closely with the ABC-5 engineering department to choose antennas best suited to individual sites. They also designed custom patterns to achieve specific coverage for each site to cope with many topological challenges posed by mountainous terrain covering an area slightly larger than the state of Arizona.

To attain the required coverage, the engineers used a combination of Jampro models JUHD UHF antennas and JHD-LV2 and JHD-HV2 VHF flat panel antennas. Jampro also supplied coaxial transmission line, RCPU antenna switch frame, proline rigid transmission line and accessories. Jampro will also be commissioning the installations.

The JUHD DTV-ready antenna for UHF bands IV and V and have wide bandwidth for multiple channel operation. Based on a proven modular design, JUHDs can be configured to provide various azimuth and elevation patterns. An optional beam tilt and null fill allows the elevation pattern to be shaped to maximize coverage. This horizontally polarized antenna may be configured to include varying levels of vertical polarization with results ranging from small amounts of elliptical polarization. A prime consideration in using the JUHD UHF was its stainless steel construction required for certain sites to withstand the tropical-martime climate which is assaulted by northeast monsoons from November to April and by southwestern monsoons from May to October.

For VHF broadcasting, ABC-5 specified Jampro JHD-LV2 antennas for channels 2 to 6 and JHD-HV antennas for higher bands7 to 13. Both are half-wave spaced dual-dipole flat panel antennas with typical VSWR of 1.05:1 on carrier, and 1.1:1 across the channel. A mix of omni-directional and custom patterns will be used to optimize the planned coverages.

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