Local French news channel "Grand Lille TV" adopts Hybrid's new HD trackless virtual studio solution Neon

Local French 24/7 news channel Grand Lille TV (North of France) had adopted Hybrid's new trackless virtual set solution Neon.

The solution has been adopted to produce live newscasts 24/7 for local news.

Grand Lille TV's decision to choose Hybrid's Neon was due to a limited budget and limited availability of space for their news channel Neon has an extremely small footprint in the studio and allows real time camera movements and High Definition chroma keyer on a limited budget. The solution set up in Grand Lille TV is even more cost effective since it uses a GPI panel set up on the news anchor's desk, which allows the anchor to control Neon himself. The anchor effectively directs his own show and is able to launch virtual camera movements, switch camera angles, and triggering other events in the virtual set. Neon trackless virtual set allows Grand Lille TV to produce enhanced content with very small operating costs.

Hybrid will follow Grand Lille TV's development and will offer evolution to virtual set tracking in the near future.