CTV Builds Nationwide PSIP Centralcasting Model and Networkwide DTV Monitoring on Triveni Digital Systems

PRINCETON, N.J. -- Jan. 31, 2012 -- Triveni Digital today announced that CTV, Canada's largest private broadcaster, has standardized on Triveni Digital solutions across all of its stations for metadata generation and management, as well as for multilayer monitoring and analysis of DTV streams. The network is using the GuideBuilder(R) metadata platform at its Calgary and Toronto facilities to provide nationwide centralcasting of Program and System Information Protocol (PSIP) data, and it has deployed StreamScope(R) RM-40 remote DTV transport stream monitors for CTV stations across Canada.

"Triveni Digital systems are essential to our delivery of quality CTV programming," said Yul Lem, senior director of transmission engineering at CTV. "Implemented as part of our transition to digital, the GuideBuilder systems are simplifying generation and delivery of accurate PSIP data to CTV stations across Canada. Since rolling them out across our broadcast stations, the StreamScope RM-40 systems have enabled us to realize efficient real-time DTV monitoring throughout our broadcast operations and, in turn, accelerate the isolation and repair of transport stream issues."

Developed with an open system approach, GuideBuilder serves as a high-performance PSIP bit-stream generator that can be integrated with, and import program data from, a wide variety of traffic systems, automation systems, and commercial listing services. The system offers all the power and tools necessary to edit and manage multiple channels and create detailed service descriptions for robust and informative electronic program guides (EPGs). GuideBuilder's intuitive interface for managing program event information and its flexible architecture also helped to facilitate smooth integration into existing CTV operations.

To ensure consistent PSIP data generation and continuous playout of data in centralcasting models, GuideBuilder is built on client-server architecture and equipped with fault-tolerant features, including the ability to send out data from an internal carousel in a multiplexer. This capability allows the multiplexer to continue sending data if the GuideBuilder unit is disconnected. Within its centralcasting model, CTV installed primary and secondary GuideBuilder systems in redundant configurations to add further resiliency to its broadcast operations.

"While GuideBuilder offers valuable PSIP-generation and management tools to broadcasters of all sizes, it also gives large networks the opportunity to establish efficient and economical centralized operations," said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales and head of marketing at Triveni Digital. "In addition to consolidating control and management of program event information, CTV is realizing higher efficiencies and cost savings with respect to hardware installations, as well as training, personnel, and maintenance requirements. The strategic placement of StreamScope RM-40 units across CTV will add yet another layer of efficiency and cost savings to the network's operations."

Further information about GuideBuilder, the StreamScope RM-40, and other Triveni Digital products is available at www.trivenidigital.com.

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