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The Software Defined Radio (SDR) Forum is seeking presentations for a June workshop to explore new developments in devices that will use the “white spaces” within the TV band.

The “Spectrum Sharing by TV Band Devices” workshop will be held June 16 in Dearborn Mich., in conjunction with the SDR Forum’s 63rd General Meeting. Last November, the FCC tentatively approved a proposal to allow unlicensed white space devices to operate in empty spaces within spectrum currently occupied by broadcasters. Broadcast groups have heavily criticized the decision, warning that such devices could interfere with over the air broadcasts.

“As devices enter the market that use different wireless protocols to access the TV white space, the potential for significant spectrum congestion and competition for channel access will increase,” said John Chapin, Chair of The SDR Forum. “This workshop will bring together developers of devices and communications standards with other interested parties to discuss ways to share the spectrum safely and efficiently.”

The workshop will address both the economic and technical challenges of deploying “TV Band Devices.”

“Anyone with a stake in the use of UHF TV spectrum will benefit from participating in this important workshop,” said Lee Pucker, CEO of the SDR Forum. “This includes developers of TV band devices and communications networks, participants in standards organizations, potential users of TV band devices, broadcasters, wireless microphone companies, other incumbent TV band users, regulators, regulatory affairs specialists, regulatory economists, and researchers in cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access technologies.”

The SDR Forum is a non-profit international industry association dedicated to promoting the success of next generation radio technologies. The Forum is not supporting any one of the competing uses of TV whitespace over any of the others.

Presentation proposals should be sent to and include contact information, the title of the presentation, a brief abstract (300 to 500 words), and the name of each presenter with a short biography. Presentation proposals are due April 1, 2009.

Giving a presentation and SDR Forum membership are not required to attend the workshop.