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OCTOPUS Newsroom Strengthens Leadership Position in India

There is a dramatically increasing demand for regional news channels in India to which OCTOPUS Newsroom promptly responds with its OCTOPUS6 NRCS system.

Prague, Czech Republic – June 10, 2011 – OCTOPUS Newsroom has been a market leader in India for more than a decade, yet Indian market has gone through some significant changes recently. Demand for regional news and local content from viewers has dramatically increased and formed a completely new trend.

After acquiring a number of major national television channels in India such as Aaj Tak, Star News or Zee News, OCTOPUS Newsroom quickly continues its expansion in regional channels with OCTOPUS6 NRCS. Only since the beginning of this year, OCTOPUS6 has been installed into 5 local tv channels in India: Kashish News, Frontier TV, Prime News, Khabar Bharti and STV. Projects were completed in co-operation with CMS, MediaGuru, RSG and VTI. As a result, OCTOPUS system now manages the newscast preparation process in almost 40 Indian televisions.

Supplying newsroom systems into local channels in India requires three key features. Firstly, it is modularity. With scalability, modularity and open architecture, OCTOPUS6 is suitable for any newsroom no matter the size or workflow. Next, it is multilingual support. OCTOPUS6 can be translated into any language including all Indian languages. In India the system has been recently installed in Assamese, Hindi, Bengali, English and Oriya languages. Frontier TV broadcasts in 4 different languages which can be all used at the same time on one screen. Last, but not least, local TV channels are very price sensitive when purchasing new systems or equipment. OCTOPUS guarantees cost savings up to 30% on number of employees needed in a newsroom. This is caused by unique and very efficient workflow. Saved costs return investment in OCTOPUS system in less than a year after a purchase.


About OCTOPUS Newsroom

OCTOPUS Newsroom is the world leader in providing platform independent newsroom computer systems in the TV broadcast industry with a history of more than 10 years of excellence. OCTOPUS6 is the latest version of its primary product, cost-effective and fully featured newsroom computer system running on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux platforms. OCTOPUS system has been successfully installed into more than 90 channels including broadcasters such as Al Jazeera English - Worldwide, Euronews in France, Fox Turkey and AAJ TAK in India.

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